Prescription Savings

Prescription assistance resources may be available to help you and your family access the medicines you need to stay healthy and to manage chronic conditions.

About Together Rx Access® Card

The Together Rx Access® Card gave eligible individuals and families without prescription drug coverage access to immediate savings on brand-name and generic prescription products at their neighborhood pharmacies. Together Rx Access ended the prescription savings program on February 28, 2014 as cardholders may be better served by the health coverage options available through the Health Insurance Marketplace, expanded Medicaid programs in some states, or by individual company prescription assistance programs.

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Other Prescription Savings

Maximize your access to savings on prescription medicines by learning about other private and public options. Through these programs, you may qualify for free medicines.

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Stay Engaged in Your Health

Prescription Savings

Like me, you probably focus more on your health when you are sick. You do everything you can to feel better. You research your symptoms, you talk with your healthcare professional, you connect with your family and friends for support and you take the time to focus on YOU. You are engaged in feeling better as quickly as possible.

What if you were engaged all the time in your health?
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Prescription Savings
About Together Rx Access® Card
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Other Prescription Savings
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